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This page is for Victim support groups and is dedicated to WT/JW survivors

    I will be adding the first entry that will stay at the top of the list. I have researched the silent lambs websites and have checked as far into their background as possible. The psychology classes and the mental health classes I have taken in college have enabled me to evaluate the victims statements found on the Silent Lambs website and I found them to be most certainly true. These victims statements all show the complex patterns of the psychologically, physically, and sexual abused. I spent 6 hours one night reading the hundreds of entries. I got physically ill and shed not too many tears over all the shattered and destroyed lives that are most certainly the result of the devils handiwork in this cultish religion. Satan started this religion and has continued to run it through the ages. Most of the followers that get duped into this religion/cult really have no idea how the organizational structure works or its influence in changing the word of God to suit their own twisted needs. Followers of this religion will display all the signs of cult victims to some degree.

Silent Lambs
This website has done more in my opinion then any other in exposing the Absolute Evil in this organization. But more then that it has been the building block of awareness and the beginning of the healing process for many. "Remember the children" is a slogan sweeping across Europe to support children still locked in this organization and the adults who had their childhood stolen from them. Read the words of God who loved children and you quickly see that this Organization actually has nothing to do with GOD. --BFullerton

Satans Witnesses Article This is an article from a Denmark newspaper On that same religion.

Silentlambs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides counseling, legal, financial and other resources for victims of abuse and works to expose the perpetrators of these crimes and their enablers.



The National Center for Victims of Crime is the nation?s leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims. Our mission is to forge a national commitment to help crime victims rebuild their lives.


National Organization for Victim Assistance - NOVA is a private, nonprofit, umbrella organization working on behalf of victims of crime and disaster.


SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - offers news links, discussion board, support group, and more



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