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It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by Black Ridge Security Self Defense Products. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities. Also, be sure and check the laws on Stun Guns for State and County legality.

Surveillance Cameras are a new product we are carrying

Surveillance Cameras

  Picture Price Purchase
Wireless Camera and Baby Monitor/ TV

Item Number: 051227


Wireless Camera Info

MSRP $159.95
Our Price $95.99

Color Rotating Camera with Remote

Item Number: 6089


click on for more info

MSRP $195.00
Our Price $165.95

Dome Security Camera

Item Number: 6020


Dome Security Camera Info

MSRP $89.95
Our Price $65.95
Hidden Camera: Cigarette Wireless

Item Number: HCC


Hidden Camera Cigarette Info

MSRP $150.00
Our Price $112.50
Hidden Camera: Phone

Item number: HCP

Hidden cell phone camera Info

MSRP $150.00
Our Price $112.50

Hidden Camera: Pen Holder

Item Number: HCPH


Wireless Pen Holder Camera Info

MSRP $150.00
Our Price $112.50
Wireless Spy Camera
Item Number: WSC

Click for info

MSRP $129.95
Our Price $86.99

Hidden Camera: Motion Detector

Item Number: HCMD

wireless motion detector camera info

MSRP $150.00
Our Price $112.50
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