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!!No sales of these items Outside the US. Stun guns are Illegal in Canada and most Countries. 
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Stun Gun - Raptor 500,000 volt
Stun Guns cannot be shipped out of the United States

All Raptor products have been replaced by higher quality Streetwise Products.

Raptor 500K Volt Stun Gun Curved with Holster
Item Number: R500C
The Raptor Stun Gun is a self defense device which disrupts the message the brain sends to the voluntary muscles. Simply touching an attacker with a stun gun for three to five seconds will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm. This 500,000 volt model features a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and includes a holster. Requires two 9 volt batteries.
Stun Guns
Asking!! $52.95





How stunguns work on a simple level


What Is A Stun Gun?

 A stun gun is a legal electrical self-defense device that puts out a high voltage and low amperage shock. To put things in perspective, one amp will kill a person. Our stun guns deliver 3 to 4 milliamps. This is far below the amperage that could do any lasting damage to an individual. However, most stun guns on the market are only 1 to 2 milliamps, making them far less effective than our stun guns.

By merely touching a person with the stun gun for a few seconds, he can immobilized for several minutes with no permanent harm. Stun guns are considered reasonable force to resist attack. They can be used many times to ward off attackers before the battery needs recharging, or replacing.

Effects and Safety - The stun gun does not merely rely on pain for results. The stun gun works on the muscular and neural system. When 3-5 seconds of contact is made with the stun gun, an assailant's neuromuscular system is overwhelmed and controlled, causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion and disorientation. The effect on the heart is insignificant. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for full recovery.

Even if the assailant is touching you, there is no way the current will pass to you. There is no shock-back.

When using the stun gun on an assailant, you will not hear the loud zapping electrical discharge that you do when testing. All the available energy is being discharged into his body. The stun gun cannot be damaged by the continuous firing into an assailant.

Power Source - The stun gun works most effectively with a 9-volt Ni-Mh rechargeable battery. Alkaline batteries will also work, regular batteries will not.

WARRANTY - Stun guns have only a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. If you should receive a defective stun gun, just contact us to arrange for a replacement.

Please Note:
Although we sell the best stun guns available, they still are a close quarters weapon, and require several seconds of contact to be effective. Because of this, we will always advise you to purchase a Pepper Spray FIRST. Our pepper spray is the best in the world, and will stop anyone! Our spray takes them down in 1 to 2 seconds in most cases and keeps them down for 30 minutes or longer. Streetwise spray is not what you will find on the cheaper sites or in most areas for that matter, it is a law enforcement and military item that we sell to the public. It is the only thing you can legally carry in most areas

Now if you really want a stun gun, then buy a spray too, you can't go wrong with both.



It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by Black Ridge Security Self Defense Products. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities. Also, be sure and check the laws on Stun Guns for your State, County and Country legality. Don't even think about ordering PepperSpray or StunGuns if you don't live in the USA.