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!!No sales of these items Outside the US. Stun guns are Illegal in Canada and most Countries. 
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Pepper Spray Pager

Pepper spray items cannot be shipped out of the United States.

Life Pager Pepper Spray
Item Number: LP1000
The Pepper Pager's patented design resembles an ordinary pager but contains two canisters of police strength, two million S.H.U. pepper spray. It may be clipped to a purse, belt, or a vehicle's sun visor making it easily accessible. Disguising your pepper spray as a common pager provides you with the element of surprise needed to safely defend yourself against an attacker.

Asking!! $16.95

Using your Pepper Spray Pager

This pepper spray pager is very effective at hitting multiple attackers, hitting them in the dark, in tight areas, e.g., through your partially opened car window.

The solid stream (similar to the water pistols sold today) will blast an attacker with super-hot pepper! Through a partially opened car window you have minimum misting action that can contaminate you. If you miss, or the attacker was in a hard- to-reach area, you can "fan" this spray during discharge.

Fanning is a technique for hitting your mark. You spray the stream then move your dispersions path from side to to side until you hit your mark! The stream also provides the heaviest blast of pepper (cans will empty faster).

The pepper works instantly. Causes the eyes to seal with tears, nose to run, excessive coughing, shortness of breath, etc.

Pepper Spray Facts

  • Pepperspray is a natural, 100-percent organic food substance made of hot peppers and corn oil --- Some restaurants have used it to make hot chicken wings. Pepperfoam is the same substance with a foaming detergent added.

  • In 20 years of use by police and civilians there has never been a single substantiated case of lasting health damage caused by pepperspray or pepperfoam.

  • The pressure to spray is provided by an ozone-friendly propellant that is non-toxic, non-flammable, ozone-friendly and free of CFCs and HCFCs.

  • You are NOT permitted to take it on-board planes, neither on you nor in your carry-on luggage. It's OK to pack it in your checked baggage. Check with your departing airport for up to date regulations.

  • Like all aerosols, pepperspray works ONLY right side up --- don't hold the spray canister sideways or upside down when you fire.

  • You'll experience less hesitation firing pepperspray than firing a handgun - because you know you won't kill anyone. (We hasten to add that pepper spray does not REPLACE having a handgun where appropriate.)

  • Don't carry pepperspray as if it were some sort of good-luck charm. Test it so you know HOW it works and confirm THAT it works.

  • Pepperspray comes out as a liquid and stays liquid when it hits. Pepperfoam comes out also as a liquid but becomes foam when it hits. This lets you see where you hit in low light conditions. Pepperfoam is good for indoor use because it produces less fumes than pepperspray. On the other hand, because of the extra volume taken up by the foaming agent, Pepperfoam has fewer shots in the same-size can.

  • Don't trust your life to inexpensive off-brand sprays. Most manufacturers start out with the same material --- hot peppers from the McCormick Spice Company. The difference comes afterwards: In a quality spray, more than half of the price you pay goes for processing, inspection, leakage testing and test firing, to make sure it is reliable. Off-brand sprays will often cost less because they omit some or all of these steps.

  • Never carry a spray canister for more than shelf life. Like all aerosols, sprays may lose pressure with time. Your pepper spray will have an expiration date that is printed from the manufacturer. Most are good for up to 3 years. Once you buy a new one, use the old one for target practice (outdoors!).





It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by Black Ridge Security Self Defense Products. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities. Also, be sure and check the laws on Stun Guns for your State, County and Country legality. Don't even think about ordering PepperSpray or StunGuns if you don't live in the USA.