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hand held metal detector

Hand held metal detector
Handheld Metal Detector
Item Number: SW8008
The use of guns and weapons have become so common that not even our schools are safe anymore. You can be sure your building or event is safe by quickly scanning each person with our handheld metal detector. Light-weight and easy to use, yet powerful enough to detect concealed metal objects as small as a hat pin. Ideal for airports, schools, prisons, sporting events, etc. to locate metal weapons. When scanning for metal objects if none is detected the unit remains silent and a green LED light is illuminated.  If a metal object is detected the unit makes a beeping sound and a red LED light is illuminated. Features an earphone jack (if an earphone is used the beeping can only be heard by the person doing the scanning) and carrying holster with belt loop. Requires one 9 volt battery.
handheld metal detector
Retail $119.95
Asking!! $76.15





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