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It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by Black Ridge Security Self Defense Products. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities. Also, be sure and check the laws on Stun Guns for State and County legality.

Not all Visa Cards are the same!!

   Some cards will not be accepted.  Any bankcards from the following banks will not be accepted!!

Amegy Bank in Texas
Wells Fargo Everywhere

The reason is this.  Merchants all over use a process called address verification to verify that the card number they have received for an online order is really from a legit customer. 

The process works like this. 

You the customer place an order and you provide a name and address for shipping then, on a secure server, you provide your credit card number.  The merchant then calls your bank (based on the number you gave) and gives them the card number and the address on the order. The bank then says yes its legit or no there is a problem. The bank never gives any other information and yet this simple procedure saves lots of money for merchants and consumers by preventing fraud.

The above banks refuse to do address verification. Therefore some merchants, including the owner of this website, refuse to do business with them.

The only exceptions to this rule are little orders under $20.00 and multiple small orders will not be accepted and may be charged a $2.00 processing fee per voided order. See our comment on Banks
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