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Car Security Center Of Black Ridge


This page is the hub of pages that support the security of that all American icon Cars. Whether you are modifying an older car to have electric windows and door locks or going after the cool new shaved door handle look, we have the accessories you are looking for.

Car alarms can be found here:

Car alarm Accessories and Parts can be found here: (currently in surgery)

Remote starters can be found here also:

Power door lock kits can be found here:

Power window kits can be found here:

Keyless Entry can be found here:

2 Door Shaved Door Handles Kits can be found here:

4 Door Shaved Door Handle Kits can be found here:

Power Reverse Hood Kit can be found here

Power Tailgate and Tonneau Covers can be foundhere

More car alarm parts and car alarms will be posted in the near future. I know we don't yet have prices on all the car alarm parts and accessories but they will be coming soon. Please take note that these car alarms and remote starters, pagers, etc. are all very feature rich and high quality. Most backyard mechanics are not qualified to install these items on newer vehicles. We recommend that you use a qualified installer for these alarms. We do our best to keep the prices of these alarms low enough that everyone can afford one. With that note make sure you shop around for installers and don't be surprised if installation costs more then the actual alarm. These things take quite a while to install even for experienced installers. If you are an experienced installer and would like to list your services here please send me feedback using our contact form.


Black Ridge Support


**Latest news is that we have found a new supplier with faster shipping and better customer service not to mention better quality. Come back and visit us as we get our websites changed over to reflect our new products which will include an even bigger selection.

*In fact we no longer sell any car related items from GNU Industries or any of their other companies, on any of our websites due to the fact that we have had too many customer complaints, have not gotten timely responses in our attempts to provide our customers with info on why their orders have items missing or just plain haven't showed up, and we have discovered that our supplier has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB in their area. Read all about GNU Industries and how they are now threatening us for disclosing this info to our customers here. Commando threats

If you have all kinds of patience and want something cheap go look this company up. By our calculation you got about a 20% chance of getting what you order within 2 weeks. But they are cheap so who can complain with that?

GNU Industries AKA Commando Alarms AKA AKA Commando Car Alarms! and others!

More content to come on car alarms of high quality.

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